Tuesday, 12 April 2016

5 Steps in Developing a Mobile App

The traditional software development methodologies such as waterfall or even agile is no longer relevant in developing modern mobile apps. With more than 5 years experience in mobile apps development,  we have devised our very own approach in designing, developing and testing mobile apps in 5 simple steps :-

Step 1 - Start with prototyping and forget about documenting the User Requirements Specification ("URS")

Most users can't really "visualize" the end product of a mobile app, hence starting with this phase will help the users "see" the end product before hand. This step also helps user in "thinking" through the business requirements and relevant key features for the apps

Step 2 - Simulate UI flow with dummy data and reiterate the requirements finding phase (using the UI) with the business users

Step 3 - Now, start to document the URS and Integration Points. The URS shall be based upon output of Step 2.

Step 4 -  Start development now -  If you are working on Native Projects with frequent changes in business requirements, start with one platform first and only kickstart the second platform when the business requirements is matured.

Step 5  - Test your user interface front end and backend separately with automated scripts.

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